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Vase Hair Pins

Vase Hair Pins

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Like the Anthousai nymphs in Greek mythology, with hair resembling hyacinths, The iconic, feminine look of flowers in a woman's hair has inspired songs, poems, and romantic encounters throughout history. Like Yet flowers are notoriously ephemeral- fading quickly without water. Keep your flowers fresh and vibrant with our Fleurings vase hair pins. These unique vase hair pins hold water and fresh flowers of your choice, keeping flowers fresh for hours of fabulous floral femininity. These floral hair pins are available in gold, rose gold, brushed stainless steel, or black matte.

Please select your desired finish in the drop down menu.

To style simply add water, add flowers and sing your siren song with flowers in your hair.

Wear large blooms like fresh gardenia, tiare (Tahitian Gardenia), large phaelenopsis orchids or bunch together small flowers for a mini bouquet. Also try daisies, roses, wildflowers, mums and many more... flowers in every color and shape allow you to create endless looks. Just add water to your jewelry by running it under the tap until the bubbles come out, then place your flowers inside. 


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