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Fleurings Vase Earrings

Fleurings Vase Earrings

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Wedding Jewelry l Flower Holding Necklace for Weddings by Fleurings Vase Bridal Jewelry

Fleurings Medium Vase Necklace

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Stainless Steel Necklace - Small

Stainless Steel Necklace - Small

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14 KT Gold Necklace - Small

14 KT Gold Necklace - Small

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Rose Gold Necklace - Small

Rose Gold Necklace - Small

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Fresh Flower Jewelry as seen in Weddings in Houston Magazine by Fleurings vase necklaces that hold water and fresh flowers. Designed by Samantha Lockwood

Fleurings Large Vase Necklace

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Love flowers? Wear them.

Fleurings are made to make flowers wearable & keep them fresh as a daisy.  

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Necklaces in 3 Vase Sizes

Fleurings vase necklace are currently available in three different sizes and shapes: Small, Medium & Large.  

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Match Flowers to Any Outfit

Wear flowers to match the season and your outfit! Wear daisies, orchids, wildflowers and sakura!

Large Vase Necklaces

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Flowers Spread Positiviy

Studies have proven that flowers "elicit positive emotions" and create positive relations between people! Hawaaians knew this long ago when they first started wearing flowers. These days we can still share the aloha vibes by wearing fresh flowers to make ourself and other feel happy and more positive. 

  • Gifting Fleurings

    Unique vase jewelry makes an excellent gift for the ladies! Give Fleurings along with flowers on Mother's Day, as Bridal Gifts for Weddings and on Birthdays. Must have jewelry for daily wear in the Tropics or places like Hawaii where flowers grow everywhere!

  • Love Yourself Love Eachother

    We believe love comes from loving yourself. Take the time to wear flowers to share the Aloha with those around you too. 

  • Add Water

    Fleurings are made from Stainless Steel, a non-tarnishing metal that is also hypoallergenic. Plated gold versions are plated with real 14KT Yellow or Pink Gold.