Flower Styling

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Watch the video below which includes how to use steps as well as styling ideas. To see all of the wonderful ways you can wear Fleurings see our photos and follow us on Pinterest   
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 What flowers should I wear?

As a rule of thumb the Classic Collection is designed to hold small flowers and the Stiletto Collection is designed to hold medium to large flowers. 

Ideal flowers to wear are orchids because the look amazing on and last for hours with very little water. Many tropical locations have orchids growing in the wild and most every flower shop carries them, cut or potted. 

Here's good list of flowers we suggest for styling options :Dendrobium Orchids, Daisies, Mums, Baby's Breath, Spray Roses, wildflowers, artificial flower, dry flowers, feathers and any other creative combinations you might have. For Phalanopsis Orchids and Vanda Orchids this rule especially applies : small ones in the Classic Collection and large flowers in the Stiletto Collection. 

Fleurings are fun and highly customizable!  You can match and coordinate different flowers to your outfits. So get creative and have fun!

Where do I get flowers? 

Florists... Flower shops... Nurseries... Grocery Store.. Pick Wildflowers or better yet, GROW them yourself if you have a 'green thumb'. 

How to I add water to my jewelry?

Run the jewelry under the tap until the bubbles come out so you are sure there is water in your jewelry. Make sure to dry the outside of your jewelry afterwards. Larger style piece do not need to be filled to the top, a few drops of water or halfway full should be enough to keep your stems wet.

How do I add flowers to Fleurings?

Watch the video below. Cut Flowers stems about (1 - 1.5) inch long for the Classic pieces and about 2 inches long for the Stiletto collection. Insert them into your jewelry. If you do not add water first your flowers will not last as long. 

 Visit the link above to see photos or start with the video below which walks you through step by step on what flowers to where and suggestions on where to buy them. This video will also show how to add water, cut your flowers and place them into your jewelry. 

When and where should I wear Fleurings?

When you wear fresh flowers is a special experience. You do not need a fancy occasion to wear flowers. In fact we here at Fleurings believe that wearing flowers is such a wonderful way to celebrate life that we like to do it everyday! Granted you may not want to wear them to the gym or on a hot sweaty hike. But anytime you want to feel a little more special wearing a flower is a great way to boost your self-confidence and let your positive inner beauty shine. And don't worry, there is very few combinations on earth as beautiful as a women and flowers, so you will look stunning on the outside as well. In fact you will be wearing a conversation piece. Friends, family and even sometimes the odd person you do not even know will ask you "are you wearing real flowers in your jewelry?"
 Some flowers are more seasonal than others and some are more expensive than others. As a rule bring out the fresh Orchids when you are ready to wow the crowds. They are the biggest attention getters and they make a perfect choice to wear for weddings, prom, and special occasions. They are also make an excellent flower to wear on your next tropical getaway mainly because you will find them everywhere, probably even in your Mai Tai. Lastly for a quick everyday casual flower to wear Daisies and Mums are suggested. They are easy to grow and found so commonly. You can buy a bunch to keep at home and wear a new fresh one everyday. The best part about all of these flowers is that they all come in so many beautiful colors, purple, white, pink, yellow, green and the list goes on... you can really match any flower to any outfit making Fleurings the most versatile accessory on Earth! 

What flowers should I wear?


















https://vimeo.com/114634776 のビデオをご覧ください。クラシック用は花の茎を2.5cmに、スティレット用は花の茎を5cm