Layered Look with Fleurings Necklaces

Sometimes one is not enough! Go for a layered look with our long vase necklaces. You can wear different flowers in each piece to create more style and color. This first photo shows the Fleurings medium style necklace worn with an orange and pink Phalaenoposis Orchid. Also known as the Butterfly or Butterfly Face Orchid. The longer necklace is the large style vase worn with a larger white Butterfly Orchid. This piece comes on a long 36" inch chain.

Photo credit Joe Stemmer Photography 


In the photos below Samantha layered two small vase necklaces and one large vase necklace. (Small and medium vase pendants come with 26 inch long adjustable chains.) You can wear one short and one longer to layer your necklaces.

The silver color necklace with a blue flower was worn at 20 inches while the next small polished gold necklace with a small white orchid is worn at 26 inches. 

Photo Credit Gregory Cannon Photography. 

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