Fleurings sparkles at Kauai Fashion Week

Fleurings sparkles at Kauai Fashion Week

With the 2016 Kauai Fashion Weekend coming up in May, we wanted to take a look back at Kauai Fas...
Fleurings creator, Samantha Lockwood, featured on front page of Hawaiian newspaper

Fleurings creator, Samantha Lockwood, featured on front page of Hawaiian newspaper

We're proud to announce that Fleurings designer, Samantha Lockwood, was featured on the front pag...
Fleurings jewelry designer, Samantha Lockwood, finds creative inspiration from acting, painting and yoga

Fleurings jewelry designer, Samantha Lockwood, finds creative inspiration from acting, painting and yoga

  Unique and elegant Fleurings came to be when Samantha Lockwood had the idea to design jewelry ...
The Type of Flower You Wear Says A Lot About You

The Type of Flower You Wear Says A Lot About You

While the placement of a flower behind your ear can send a message, the type of flower you wear can also say a lot about you.

Here are some ideas for flowers to wear depending on your mood:

6 Great Bridal Looks Wearing Flowers

1. Hair up in a Bun with fresh White Orchid flower Earrings

Hair pulled up and back creates a regal canvas to show off fresh small white phalaenopsis (or butterfly face) orchids in Fleurings vase earrings. These fresh flower earrings create an elegant look for a Bride.

Get this look by creating an up-do. A simple bun like the one pictured below works fine. Then add water and small White Phalanopsis Orchids into the earrings.




Wearing Flowers "Elicits A Positive Emotion & Fosters Positive Relationships"

Can wearing flowers actually make you money? According to a new study... "Exposure to flowers elicits a positive emotion and fosters positive relationships." This wonderful new article by Tom Jacobs shares a study about how strangers were more apt to give donations to people 'wearing a flower'. This mirrors the story about how I came up with Fleurings from advice my grandmother gave me to 'wear a flower in my hair to make better tips'...back when I had a job waiting tables in my early 20's. I learned that wearing flowers = more customer interaction and I made wayyy better tips. Grandma was right. A 'vase jewelry' concept was born from my desire to wear fresh flowers and keep them lasting throughout my shift. Many of us who already know the power of the flower, but now we have PROOF. Read on here...
5 Tips for Growing Orchids plus Videos

5 Tips for Growing Orchids plus Videos

Here's some inside scoop on how to keep your Orchids blooming and happy! Grow blooms for your Fleurings necklaces. You can get new flowers every 6 months from one plant! Watch a video overview on how to grow orchids and 5 Tips for Growing Happy Orchids: Watering, Trimming (to re-bloom), Light and Temperature, Fertilizing, and last but not least Re-Potting.

Fleurings vase jewelry, concept demo and tutorial by Samantha Lockwood

If you missed my recent Wizeo event here is an abbreviated video intro to Fleurings. Here I quickly discuss how Fleurings work and give a demonstration of how to add water to your jewelry, then insert a flower (demo is on the small vase necklace which holds the same size flowers as the earrings).

Fleurings intro from Samantha Lockwood 

CBS News "Eye on the Desert" with Samantha Lockwood

I'm really grateful for all the love and support I have received from my hometown 'desert area' for so many years. This supportive community has always been like the wind beneath my wings for any project I have done ...whether it was "Shoot the Hero!" and my acting career, or my Fleurings jewelry. Last week I had the pleasure of doing another interview with Patrick Evans on CBS News "Eye on the Desert".

3 Groupon Specials for Christmas Jewelry Shopping

Unique Fleurings vase jewelry on Groupon   Checkout our special Groupon offers this month! Just in time to order for Valentine's Day or Christmas. For a limited time only you can get some amazing deals for Fleurings through Groupon... follow the link below now!  http://www.groupon.com/deals/fleurings


California Wildflowers

Jeffreys shooting star flower to wear in Fleurings jewelry .... Yosemite is a beautiful place not only to visit but also to find some exquisite flowers for your Fleurings   jewelry. These blooms are perfect to wear in our small vase necklaces and earrings.

Monday December 5th! Live video Holiday Pop Up Shop Sale and Demostration!

Today...Monday December 5th! Samantha Lockwood, designer of Fleurings is hosting a LIVE VIDEO presentation and Holiday Pop Up Shop Sale. Please come and join us for this exciting in home shopping event.                                                                                            TUNE IN @ 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm MST             http://www.wizeo.me/platform/fleurings/live/

Layered Look with Fleurings Necklaces

Samantha Lockwood in layered Fleurings necklaces with Fresh orchidsSometimes one is not enough! Go for a layered look with our long vase necklaces. You can wear different   flowers in each piece to create more style and color. This first photo shows the Fleurings medium style necklace worn with an orange and pink Phalaenoposis Orchid. 

Clematis Blossoms For All to Enjoy

Clematis Flower in Fleurings vase jewelry necklace Clematis blooms make an excellent addition to the flowers you can wear in Fleurings vase necklaces. Elegant as Wedding Jewelry and Bridesmaids Jewelry Gifts. These stunning star like shaped flowers grow in a huge range of colors like white, light pink, light purple, deep pink, red, burgundy, dark purple, light blue and royal blue. Learn more about them and see several photos of Clematis in wedding bouquets. Get inspired on of how you can match flowers in your necklaces to your outfit or in your wedding bouquet...

Trendy Wedding Colors 2014

 There are classic wedding colors, but every year, you are sure to get a couple of colors that stand out as especially trendy for brides and their gowns. This year, there are many colors that can help make your wedding a gorgeous, trendy and fun party that you dream of having. Liven up the atmosphere and shine with these colors in the wedding that everyone will talk about!  

New Fleurings Jewelry Location on the Big Island

Fleurings wedding hair jewelry vases that hold fresh flowers in your hair  Our Fleurings photoshoot with Studio 55 Boutique and some beautiful Hawaiian local girls from the Big Island. Check out all the beautiful photos and ways to style with Fleurings on your next Hawaiian or Tropical vacation.

Style Tip : Wearings Vase Earrings & Necklaces as a Set

If you are feeling extra "in the mood" for wearing fresh flowers and you want to wear Fleurings v...

Bethany Hamilton loves her Fleurings necklace!

Pro-Surfer and rip curl girl Bethany Hamilton enjoys wearing her Fleurings small vase necklace. See this beautiful pic of her wearing a little white flower in her small brushed gold vase necklace. So lovely! She also gave our brushed gold earrings to her Bridesmaids for her wedding last year. Fleurings are the perfect Beach wedding jewelry and make excellent Bridesmaids gifts.

GENLUX Holiday Issue Gift Guide features Fleurings vase jewelry

The GENLUX Magazine Holiday Issue showcases Fleurings polished steel small vase necklace with a p...

Everything Hauler Features Fleurings Vase Jewelry with Roses

We are so very pleased with this lovely new shoot by Rachael Dickshute blogger and fashion pro wh...

Gioielli da sposa di Bethany Hamilton

Il 18 agosto la bella Bethany Hamilton si è sposata e siamo così onorati che abbia scelto di indo...

Giornale del Seattle Times "Sii una delle persone meravigliose alla moda di Jay Gatsby"

"Sii una delle belle persone alla moda di Jay Gatsby" Seattle Times Newspaper Pacific N...

Fleurings su FAB.com

Fleurings è stato recentemente presentato su Fab.com dove abbiamo avuto una vendita di successo d...

ABC News Tory Johnson di "Steals and Deals" presenta gioielli Fleurings

Oggi ABC News Channel 7 ha presentato Fleurings con un accordo molto speciale per il loro pubblic...

Fresh Flower Fleurings Jewelry come si è visto in Teen Prom Magazine

Fleurings orecchini neri spazzolati presentato nel nuovo numero di Teen Prom Magazine 2013 a pagi...

Carol Alt indossa Fleurings

La famosa top model Carol Alt indossa orecchini Fleurings in acciaio lucido con fiori freschi di ...

Erin Murphy indossa una rosa all'evento "Switched at Birth"

L'attrice Erin Murphy indossa Fleurings all'Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Div...

Video musicale "Goodbyes Made You Mine" di JT Hodges con Samantha Lockwood e i suoi gioielli Fleurings

Guarda la classica collana lucida Samantha Lockwood, attrice e designer di Fleurings, nel nuovo v...

Jennifer Love Hewitt agli MTV Music Awards

Jennifer Love Hewitt (star della "Client List") mostra la sua collana di fiori con una ...

Fleurings in Agenda Magazine

Nuovo intervista e redazione nell'edizione natalizia di Agenda Magazine Leggi l'articolo ...

Storia di copertina dell'inserzionista di Honolulu Star: Fleurings Wearable Vase Jewelry di Samantha Lockwood

Storia di copertina dell'inserzionista di Honolulu Star: Fleurings Wearable Vase Jewelry di Samantha Lockwood "Il Lei che puoi indossare tutti i giorni."

Fleurings in ViVi Magazine

Vivi Magazine in Giappone ha recentemente pubblicato Fleurings nel loro ultimo numero. Vedi Fleur...

Il gommino Daily include Fleurings!

Oh mio che esperienza straordinaria! Fleurings è stato appena descritto su un ottimo sito web chi...

Guarda Fleurings su Better TV

Samantha Lockwood - Guarda un film divertente qui Dai un'occhiata a questa intervista con Sa...

Esquire serie Me In My Place

Proprietaria / designer di Fleurings, l'attrice Samantha Lockwood indossa un fiore di mamma v...

Desert Magazine mette in mostra Fleurings per la festa della mamma

Samantha Lockwood e sua madre Denise DuBarry e la sua sorellina Whitney Hay abbelliscono le pagin...