Trendy Wedding Colors 2014

There are classic wedding colors, but every year, you are sure to get a couple of colors that stand out as especially trendy for brides and their gowns. This year, there are many colors that can help make your wedding a gorgeous, trendy and fun party that you dream of having. Liven up the atmosphere and shine with these colors in the wedding that everyone will talk about! 

Navy Blue
Navy blue is making a big comeback into the wedding industry, and that is especially true of summer, fall and winter weddings that are letting themselves be inspired by the water. Navy Blue is an especially fun color, because it allows you to pair it up with a bold and beautiful color, like lime or coral, all of which adds that sense of adventure to your dresses. Speaking of which …

Coral is making a play for inspiration all on its own. This beautiful bright color is amazing in spring and summer weddings, allowing you to stay on point with the light pinks that have been trendy for the last couple of years, while adding a little bit of pizzazz to your outfits. Coral is a gorgeous color to style with flowers in Fleurings wearable vase earrings, hairpieces and necklaces. Build your wedding around this color and you will have all of your guests amazed at the romantic look and feel of your wedding, while still knowing that this is a fun atmosphere.

This bold color is a combination of green, blue and awesomeness. Teal is a color that is perfectly paired up with muted colors, like greys and beiges, while still having a little something in it that makes it fun while accessories such as flowers in vase hair pieces can add to the appeal. Can you imagine how beautiful your bridesmaids would look in a flattering teal color with a little bit of shine to their dresses? Take advantage of the trend, and use this color to its full potential.


A pink gold finish as shown below makes a beautiful accent color against a Teal dress, wear pink, white or yellow flowers ideally. 


If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, this deep red color is classy and muted, and perfectly on point if it’s the star of the show surrounded by greys, blacks and whites. It also gives you a lot of opportunity to bring out some beautiful red tints in the various décor that you will have around your wedding. Make your bouquets look incredible with gorgeous, natural flowers that stand out with burgundy. 

Some small phalaenopsis orchids come in Burgundy and will match well with pink or yellow gold necklace. 

 Dendrobium orchids also come in a rich burgundy and dark purple to go well with your Fleurings vase earrings.

A simple white orchid flower always looks nice in contrast to a dark burgundy dress.

Pink and Purple
Ever popular, muted pinks and daring purples make a great palette to consider when thinking about your wedding colors. Add flowers like tulips and roses in Fleurings’ wearable vases to the occasion for that dash of exuberance. They’re classic, and while they’ve been trendy for a couple of years, they still manage to look fresh and fun, adding that zest to your wedding dresses. They can also be adapted into the wedding theme that you are planning easily.



Fashionable brides have so many options at their disposal; from décor to dresses, flowers to accessories, that they are sure to find inspiration from the fashionable colors and manage to make it their own. Wearable vase necklaces, earrings and hair pieces from Fleurings make complementing your wedding with colorful flowers so much easier. No matter the color that you decide on, you’ll be sure that if you choose it, it will be the right color. 


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