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Orchid Insanity

Orchid Insanity - Oncidium Sharry Baby - Chocolate Fragrance Very Popular, Easy to Grow and Bloom (NOT in-Bud/Bloom When Shipped)

Orchid Insanity - Oncidium Sharry Baby - Chocolate Fragrance Very Popular, Easy to Grow and Bloom (NOT in-Bud/Bloom When Shipped)

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Brand: Orchid Insanity

Color: Red


  • Easy to grow orchid! Produces chocolate-scented blooms when it flowers (about once per year).
  • Grows, fast, easy to bloom, great for orchid beginners (and everyone else!). Mature plants produce lots of flowers, with 10 – 20 buds per flower spike.
  • Growing: Bright shady conditions work best. Avoid direct sunlight. Water about twice per week. These grow well in sphagnum moss or bark. Fertilize every two weeks. Avoid temps below 50 F.
  • Please note that we offer these in different sizes. Photos show the different sizes offered, ranging from seedling size to Blooming Size. Please look carefully at photos to get an idea of the sizes we’re offering.
  • IMPORTANT: Plants are NOT in bud or bloom when shipped. PLANTS ARE NOT IN BUD/BLOOM WHEN SHIPPED.

Details: Oncidium Sharry Baby is one of the most popular orchids ever, and it’s easy to see (or smell) why: its blooms smell like chocolate! This orchid is perfect for folks who need a chocolate fix, but don't want the calories. Research has suggested that eating chocolate stimulates a hormonal reaction in the body that makes you feel like you're in love. What better way to get that lovin' feeling than getting a whiff of this lovely orchid’s blooms. Just don't eat it, OK? Oncidium Sharry Baby will produce a lovely spray of dark maroon flowers that can last a month or more in bloom. On a larger plant with multiple mature bulbs, it can easily bloom three times per year. IMPORTANT NOTE: The plants we’re offering here are SEEDLING SIZE OR NEAR BLOOMING SIZE (NBS). THEY ARE NOT IN BLOOM WHEN SHIPPED! SEEDLING SIZE plants are about 12 to 18 months from reaching Blooming Size. Near Blooming Size (NBS) plants are about six months from reaching Blooming Size. Future bulbs and leaves will be bigger than the previous ones until mature. Mature bulbs can eventually reach the size of an adult hand! The photos of the plant (with pen for size reference) is representative of the plant you will receive. You can see how strong the root systems are on our plants in the picture. Plants will be shipped in a 2-inch square pot with high-grade New Zealand Sphagnum Moss.

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