Fleurings Vase Earrings

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Fleurings light weight vase earrings, hold a few drops of water and keep flowers fresh. There is a flower to match any outfit!

Fleurings earrings offer you hundreds of different looks... just change your flower for a whole new look.Fleurings are created and designed by actress Samantha Lockwood. Inspiration came from her Grandmother's advice to "wear flowers" in order to share nature's positive energy and for good luck.

Fleurings are made to hold flowers and keep them looking fresher and lasting longer. Get more wear time out of blooms by first adding water to your jewelry. Fleurings jewelry come with artificial flowers so they are ready to wear as soon as you receive your new pieces. 

Put real flowers in your Fleurings jewelry like orchids, mums, daisies and roses to create a stunning look. Your fresh flower jewelry will be a conversation piece. Flowers also bring positive energy and attention. People will feel uplifted by your fresh flower accessory.

Dendrobium Orchids are ideal in these earrings. They make the perfect, must-have Bridesmaid jewelry gift.  Also unique as Birthday Gifts, Mother's Day Gift, and for every floral fashionista. Even better for ladies who love to garden, what better way to accessorize that with a flower you grew yourself. 

You can even match the color to your outfit or wedding bouquet. This is our classic design which features feminine curves holds several drops of water for small stemmed flowers.

Fleurings are Stainless Steel inside so they will not tarnish when you add water.







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