Bridesmaids wear Flowers in their Hair with Fleurings Jewelry

Brides and Bridesmaids rejoice! Fleurings not only allows you to wear fresh flowers for hours but you also get great versatility with these pieces by wearing flowers that will match any wedding floral theme, dress, or bouquet. So if your Bridemaids have pink bouquets they can wear pink flowers! Simple as that. Check out some different cool ways to wear Fleurings black earrings for your next wedding. They make excellent Bridesmaids jewelry and gifts. 
  An example of a pink orchid bouquet and pinks flowers in the Fleurings earrings above that match perfectly! 
This bridesmaid wears a black dress with a pink sash which adds a lovely pop of color. The black Fleurings earrings and pink flowers match perfectly to tie in a little more bright pink. It's a perfect fit.
Another great and sometimes even preferred way to wear Fleurings is in the hair. Just add water to the piece and flowers of your choice. Do your hair then style with Fleurings by moving and placing them around into the hair style. The brushed black finish is ideal for dark hair... the vase nearly disappears and the flowers pop! 
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