Fleurings creator, Samantha Lockwood, featured on front page of Hawaiian newspaper

We're proud to announce that Fleurings designer, Samantha Lockwood, was featured on the front page of The Garden Island newspaper based in Lihue, Hawaii, covering the islands of Kauai and Niihau. This great article explores Samantha's inspiration behind creating Fleurings.

Samantha Lockwood article

The idea for this unique vase jewelry that holds flowers came about when Samantha was a waitress in her early 20s. Her grandmother, Betty, gave her smart advice to "Wear a flower behind your ear for good luck and you will make better tips."

Sure enough her grandmother's advice came true as Samantha nearly doubled her tips! As a result, Lockwood was inspired to create vase earrings to effectively hold water and fresh flowers securely, so the flowers would stay fresh for several hours. Hence the name "Fleur" + "earrings" = Fleurings.

So much has happened since that first day of creative inspiration. Thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed wearing flowers with Fleurings. The line expanded to include necklaces and earrings, and recently, gemstones were added to the jewelry design.

We love bringing together two forces of nature: fresh flowers and beautiful women. We hope that by wearing flowers, women will experience the blessings of nature's positive energy and life force everywhere they go!

Click here to read the full Garden Island newspaper article about the beautiful woman behind Fleurings, Samantha Lockwood