Seattle Times Newspaper "Be one of the beautiful people in fine Jay Gatsby fashion"

 "Be one of the beautiful people in fine Jay Gatsby fashion" Seattle Times Newspaper Pacific Northwest Magazine suggests Fleurings jewelry as a great Mother's Day gift in this article... 

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Mother's Day loometh

Speaking of grandmothers, Samantha Lockwood's left quite the impression on her. Caused her to create an entire line of jewelry involving (Mother) nature, Fleurings: necklaces and earrings that hold real flowers.

"I love wearing flowers," Samantha writes. "Flowers offer happiness, beauty, color, fragrance and a sense of calm. Every day my Grandmother Betty wore a flower in her hair to work. She said, 'Wear a flower to bring good luck and nature's positive energy everywhere you go.' "

The mini vases hold a few drops of water, enough to keep flowers fresh for hours. Match to outfits! Great for bridesmaids.

Lockwood wears hers all the time. See Fleurings/Lockwood (also an actress) in action in the JT Hodges video for "Goodbyes Made You Mine": $55 for the small in polished steel to $95 for the larger gold (brushed or polished);


Large brushed gold necklace with a fresh white orchid. 

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