February 17, 2014

Wear Fresh Flower Jewelry for your Wedding with Fleurings by Samantha Lockwood

So your big Special Day is coming up and you are shopping around for cool Wedding Jewelry Inspiration. Welcome to our Fleurings exclusive jewelry shop where you will see the coolest and most unique vase bridal jewelry. The Fleurings collection didn't begin intended for Brides, yet over the past few years it has become blazingly apparent that Brides from around the world, of all different colors, shapes and origins have come to love Fleurings as a first choice for their wedding. Fleurings have been worn by several Brides, Bridesmaids, Flowers Girls and the whole Bridal Party. Anyone who wants to adorn themselves with a fresh flower necklace along with their Gown, Bridal Dress or Wedding Attire. Flowers are a sign of purity, nature, peace, love and divine energy. They are a living attraction. You can even match the flowers in your jewelry to the flowers in your bouquet. See how this lovely Bride wears her (small or medium style) vase necklace with a large white Phalanopsis Orchid.  

    A bride wearing a fresh white orchid necklace in her wedding jewelry necklace 

Below is a photo from a Vintage Wedding with a Bridesmaid who wore her large gold vase necklace with a lovely pink spray rose. 

Bridesmaid Necklace adds a nice Floral touch with a pink rose in this vase necklace by Fleurings  

Brides, Bridesmaids and anyone in your Wedding Party will love wearing our vase earrings with fresh orchids. These looks especially exquisite when you show them off with an undo hairstyle. You can find small orchid varieties at your local flower shop, or you can wear any kind of flowers you might have growing near where you live. 



A Navy Blue Flower in a small vase necklace by Fleurings makes a lovely Bridesmaid Necklace Fresh Flower Earrings by Fleurings make the perfect Bridesmaid Earrings and Wedding Jewelry for your Bridal Party 

For a really special look everyone will love put Fleurings and flowers in your hair with our vase hairpieces! Now we are selling a larger size that what is pictured here... ideal for holding two of each of these small orchids. 

Add Fresh Flowers to your Hair with our vase hairpieces, perfect Bridal Hairstyle for your Wedding

New Fleurings Jewelry Location on the Big Island

Next time you are on the Big Island of Hawaii swing by Studio 55 Boutique to see our collection of vase jewelry and some beautiful dresses and outfits to go with your jewelry. Owner Laurie Edwards just opened her lovely boutique a year ago and she is already the busiest little spot to shop in Waimea. Find Khush Clothing, Tiare Hawaii, and Gypsy 05 to go with your Fleurings.

Studio 55 Boutique 
67-1185 Mamalahoa Highway D-105
Waimea, Hawaii 96743
(808) 885-9833


 Local Hawaiian beauty Tania Dupont models Khush clothing and Fleurings jewelry. Pictured here with a large gold vase necklace and hairpieces with fresh pink vanda orchids. Photo by Studio 55 Boutique in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Big Island of Hawaii now carries Fleurings vase jewelry. Photo courtesy of Studio 55 Boutique. Vanda orchids in Fleurings vase necklaces.Actress, and designer of Fleurings Samantha Lockwood wearing one of her small polished gold necklaces with a small fresh vanda orchid. Line sold at Fleurings.com and in boutiques around the Hawaiian Islands.  Fleurings vase hairpieces worn with fresh white dendrobium orchids. Ideal hair accessories for Brides, Bridesmaids and Beach Weddings. Actress and designer of Fleurings jewelry modeling her designs with a cute red bikini from Acacia Swimwear.  Photo produced by Studio 55 Boutique in Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Samantha Lockwood modeling her vase jewelry line Fleurings. Image produced by Studio 55 Boutique on the Big Island of Hawaii which carries Fleurings in store.   A large gold vase Fleurings necklace that holds water and fresh flowers worn with red vanda orchids. Designed by Samantha Lockwood. Modeled by Alayna McGuiness on the Big Island of Hawaii.