About Fleurings

Fleurings exclusive vase jewelry is a collection of earrings, necklaces and hairpieces designed to hold water and keep flowers fresh. Designed by Samantha Lockwood, actress and Bikram Yoga teacher who has a passion for wearing flowers. Fleurings are for girls and women who love flowers and jewelry... here they come together in one sweet concept. Wear fresh flowers with lasting results, simply add water and any of your favorite flowers to match any outfit. Orchids, wildflowers, daisies, spray roses, jasmin and herbs like lavender can all be worn in Fleurings. Watch this video below and make sure to visit our instagram feed @Fleurings for photo and styling inspiration. 

Fleurings is a modern and stylish new way to wear flowers. Add water to your jewelry and flowers will stay looking fresher and lasting for hours longer. Fleurings necklaces are like the "lei you can wear everyday". Our vase earrings have become noted as the only earrings in the world designed to hold water and flowers and featured on the cover of the Honolulu Newspaper. In Spring 2014 they were noted as the new floral accessory trend during Milan Fashion Week. As seen on in American Idol, NotCouture, Fab.com, Wedding Lovely and in Magazines such as GENLUX, US Weekly, Houston Weddings, Seattle Times Newspaper, Teen PROM, and in Japanese magazines ViVi, SWEET and SOUP as the most unique jewelry gifts for Weddings, Prom, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. 

If you are a Boutique, Wedding Salon, Gift Shop or Flower Shop / Florist interested in becoming a wholesale vendor for Fleurings please inquire for our Price List, Order Form and other information from our Sales Team at Fleurings@gmail.com 

Someone will get back to you shortly. 

 フルーリングスは、モダンでスタイリッシュにフラワーを着こなす新しいファッションです。ジュエリーにお水を加えることで、着飾るフラワーを新鮮に保つことができ、フルーリングズのネックレスは、まるで「毎日つけるレイ(お花のネックレス)」のよう。さらに、フルーリングズのイヤリングは、世界で唯一水と花を保つデザインとしてホノルル新聞の一面で紹介され、2014年春のミラーンファッション週でも、新しいフラワーアクセサリーとしてトレンドになりました。アメリカンアイドル、ノットコチュア、Fab.com、ウェディングラブリーでの紹介や、雑誌GENLUX、USウィークリー、ヒューストンウェディング、シアトルタイムズニュース、ティーンプロム、さらに日本の雑誌ViVi、SWEET、SOUPでも、とってもユニークな贈り物として結婚式、プロム、母の日、バレンタインデーの人気を集めています。ブティック、ウェディングサロン、ギフトショップ、フォラワーショップのオーナーさんで、フルーリングスの卸購入をご希望の方は、お気軽にフルーリングス販売部 Fleurings@gmail.com までお問い合わせください。折り返しお返事差し上げ



"How I Came Up with Fleurings"


The Story 


Fleurings were created for this simple reason: I love wearing flowers. Flowers offer happiness, beauty, color, fragrance, and a sense of calm. I first began wearing flowers thanks to my Grandmother Betty. She shared her passion and love for flowers with all of the women in my family. She always kept the most beautiful fragrant garden. Everyday she wore a flower in her hair to work. She said "wear a flower to bring good luck and nature's positive energy everywhere you go". 

 All I wanted to do is make styling with flowers easy and keep them lasting longer. Fleurings is my solution. These small vase pieces are hollow and made to hold a few drops of water, so flowers last for hours. My favorite thing about Fleurings is that you can change your flowers to match any outfit. 

I believe Fleurings jewelry makes the perfect gift to give along with a bouquet of flowers on special occasions like Mother's Day, Birthdays, Prom, Valentine's Day, and Weddings. Pieces also are designed to look great even without flowers making them very versatile and ideal for everyday wear. I wear my small necklace all of the time and just add a flower when I have one handy. Sometimes I pick a wildflower while I'm hiking to wear for the day, and sometimes I will wear a flower that I bought from Trader Joes (my favorite place to buy affordable orchids).

Wear flowers and share your wisdom so you may inspire others, as my Grandmother did for me. 

Bloom Beautifully, 

Samantha Lockwood
Actress / Yogini / Founder of Fleurings Jewelry 
"Vase jewelry that keeps flowers fresh for hours!"







サマンサ ロックウッド