December 18, 2011

Message from Samantha ( Founder / Designer of Fleurings )

 Fleurings were created for this simple reason: I love wearing flowers. Flowers offer happiness, beauty, color, fragrance, and a sense of calm. I first began wearing flowers thanks to my Grandmother Betty. She shared her passion and love for flowers with all of the women in my family. She always kept the most beautiful fragrant garden. Everyday she wore a flower in her hair to work. She said "wear a flower to bring good luck and nature's positive energy everywhere you go". 

 All I wanted to do is make styling with flowers easy and keep them lasting longer. Fleurings is my solution. These small vase pieces are hollow and made to hold a few drops of water, so flowers last for hours. My favorite thing about Fleurings is that you can change your flowers to match any outfit. 

I believe Fleurings jewelry makes the perfect gift to give along with a bouquet of flowers on special occasions like Mother's Day, Birthdays, Prom, Valentine's Day, and Weddings. Pieces also are designed to look great even without flowers making them very versatile and ideal for everyday wear. I wear my small necklace all of the time and just add a flower when I have one handy. Sometimes I pick a wildflower while I'm hiking to wear for the day, and sometimes I will wear a flower that I bought from Trader Joes (my favorite place to buy affordable orchids).

Wear flowers and share your wisdom so you may inspire others, as my Grandmother did for me. 

Bloom Beautifully, 

Samantha Lockwood

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Fleurings in Agenda Magazine

New interview and editorial in the holiday edition of Agenda Magazine

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It was a beautiful display of fine art and jewelry on October 20, 2011, at EM & CO boutique in Los Angeles.  The fashion installation/art "Girl with Flowers" exhibit perfectly complemented actress/jewelry designer/artist Samantha Lockwood, who also shared her spotlight with artist and mentor Muramasa Kudo.  Both art and jewelry were well received that evening.

(classic black earringsholding orchids)

Samantha Lockwood grew up in Los Angeles and La Quinta, CA. As a child she was exposed to art from her parents actor Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey) and actress/entrepreneur Denise DuBarry.  Lockwood attended UC Santa Cruz and studied Fine Art, Buddhist Art History, Theater Acting, and Marine Biology.  Her work is influenced by her love of Buddhist art, the ocean, water, and nature.  Lockwood has been exhibited in the US, but her art is loved all over the world.  She paints from her home studio in Los Angeles, or wherever she might be in the world when she is inspired.


Aside from her theater studies while in college, Samantha started her acting career at age 16, when she studied a variety of disciplines (dialect, improv, commercial) with Robert Eastmam, Carolyn Barry, Lesly Kahn, and Joseph Pearlman.   By age 20, Lockwood had already appeared in countless infomercials, commercials, and had been a professional model.  She has appeared in CSI: New York, was featured more than once in Maxim, and was “the up-and-coming starlet to watch” in Esquire Magazine.  She currently stars in the Showtime movie Shoot the Hero.

With so much going for her in her acting and fine artist career (oh yeah, she also teaches Bikram Yoga), it’s hard to imagine Samantha having time for anything else.  But this focused Renaissance woman is carving her own niche as a jewelry designer with a very unique concept.  Her line is called Fleurings.

“My Grandmother Betty King always wore a flower in her hair.  She taught me how to cultivate, properly cut flowers, and wear flowers in my hair in order.  Her advice to “wear a flower” has always paid off in compliments and creates a conversation piece. Even as a young actress just starting out, I waited tables for a stint and found that wearing flowers brought in better tips!”

I remember when I first learned of the line, I thought it was ingenius; to be able to wear a flower as part of jewelry was a novel idea.  Uniquely, Fleurings offers a variety of looks based on ones own choice of flowers.  And depending on the flower that look can easily change.  Fleurings comes as earrings, necklaces, and lapel pins.  So, both men and women can enjoy it

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