Fleurings vase jewelry, concept demo and tutorial by Samantha Lockwood

Many of you have requested a video demo if you missed my Wizeo pop up sale video event!

Thank you to those who tuned in and for anyone who missed out here is a much more abbreviated intro to Fleurings. In this video I quickly discuss how Fleurings work and give a demonstration of how to add water to your jewelry, then insert a flower (demo is on the small vase necklace which holds the same size flowers as the earrings).

Fleurings intro from Samantha Lockwood on Vimeo.

I will be making more tutorial videos showing how to add flowers to the medium and large vase necklaces soon. These necklaces are perfect gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day and make the perfect Wedding Jewelry...excellent gifts for Bridesmaids who can match a flower in their vase necklace to their dress, flower crowns or bouquet. 

Make sure to join me on my next Wizeo video event. You will be able to ask me questions in a chat box and I will be able to answer your questions in real time as I am demonstrating the pieces.  Please subscribe to my newsletter to get notifications for deals, info and online events I will be hosting with Fleurings in the future! 

Warmest Holiday Wishes,


Designer and Founder of Fleurings



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