Everything Hauler Features Fleurings Vase Jewelry with Roses

We are so very pleased with this lovely new shoot by Rachael Dickshute blogger and fashion pro who just posted these pics and more on her website Everything Hauler. She is wearing Fleurings vase jewelry with fresh pink roses to add just a pop of color and a soft feminine finish to this edgy black and white suit. Very sophisticated and stylish. 

PInk Rose Necklace makes a nice Floral Accessory to soften this black and white pant suit on Rachael at Everything Hauler l Vase Jewelry by Fleurings   Pink Roses in Vase Earrings by Fleurings l Everything Hauler Rachael Dickshute

          Everything Hauler Rachael Dickshute with Floral Accessory l Pink Roses with Black and White Pantsuit l Garden Party


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