Wearing Flowers "Elicits A Positive Emotion & Fosters Positive Relationships"

Can wearing flowers actually make you money? According to a new study... "Exposure to flowers elicits a positive emotion and fosters positive relationships." This wonderful new article by Tom Jacobs shares a study about how strangers were more apt to give donations to people 'wearing a flower'. This mirrors the same story about how I came up with Fleurings from advice my grandmother gave me to 'wear a flower in my hair to make better tips'...back when I had a job waiting tables in my early 20's. I soon learned that wearing flowers = more customer interaction and so I made better tips, in fact they had nearly doubled. Grandma was right. My 'vase jewelry' concept was born from my desire to wear fresh flowers and keep them lasting throughout my shift. I figured if I could keeps stems wet my flowers would stay happy and fresh looking. So to everyone who loves Fleurings.. let's say thanks to Grandma...and thank you Tom Jacobs for sharing this study. Many of us who already know the power of the flower, but now we have PROOF. 

This article by Tom Jacobs says exactly what I have been saying about Fleurings and "wearing flowers" for years! Please read...http://www.psmag.com/health-a…/rose-name-gets-bus-fare-80940

Samantha Lockwood

Founder of Fleurings

Vase jewelry that keeps flowers fresh for hours!

Samantha Lockwood : Article about how wearing flowers makes you better tips!

Wearing vase hairpieces with fresh orchids. 

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