6 Great Bridal Looks Wearing Flowers

1. Hair up in a Bun with fresh White Orchid flower Earrings 

Hair pulled up and back creates a regal canvas to show off fresh small white phalaenopsis (or butterfly face) orchids in Fleurings vase earrings. These fresh flower earrings create an elegant look for a Bride.

Get this look by creating an up-do. A simple bun like the one pictured below works fine. Then add water and small White Phalanopsis Orchids into the earrings.

A unique new color this year for weddings is Coral. This look offers coral color bridal inspiration which is a great color for Bridesmaids. This makeup shows dramatic eye liner, black mascara with coral blush and a soft coral lipstick to tie in nicely with a coral bridesmaids dress. The fresh flower earring is just to finishes off the look with a stunning natural touch!

2. Hair Half Up Half Down 

 Looks beautiful with soft white orchids and our silver earrings against dark hair. 


3. Big White Orchid Necklace 

Jewelry Piece Featured : Medium Vase Necklace 

A sure showstopper this big beautiful orchid called the Butterfly Face or Moth Orchid is one of the most breathtaking to wear. They have mini' versions of these flowers which fit into the small vase necklace and earrings, larger flowers like the one on the bride below fit well in the Medium Vase Necklaces. 


4. Vintage Look with Roses

Go for a glam vintage look with roses... fresh or artificial flowers look great in our vase necklaces as seen below. Our bride here is wearing a pretty vintage lace wedding dress with our small and large vase necklaces layered together with pink roses. 

5. Loose side braid with Golden-Yellow Orchids in Vase Hair Jewelry

This photo has been one of our more popular posts on Pinterest so we know it is a look to LOVE! To get this look we put 3 small hairpieces hung into a side braid with dendrobium orchids. This is a stunning way to dress up with flowers in your hair. A stunning look for Bridesmaids. 

7. Long Braided Hair with White Orchids in Vase Jewelry 

Another popular way to wear our Fleurings vase hair jewelry pieces is to hang them in along a nice French Braid. Pull a few bits of hair out to frame the face and create that flowy effect. 

6. Blue Flowers with a Blue Dress

Possibly the greatest thing about our vase jewelry is that you can totally customize your jewelry to match your outfit simply by wearing the same color flowers as your dress. Here we matched blue daisies worn in the small style vase necklace to her blue satin dress. This bridesmaid wears royal blue but in satin the color photographs with a softness and looks more pale and delicate. Just a lovely look with our silver vase necklaces which make excellent, maybe even the perfect gift and must have accessory for any Bridesmaid. She can even match the flowers in her necklace to her dress and her bouquet! So perfect!

Here are the same small vase necklaces as seen on the Cover of the Newspaper in Honolulu, Hawaii. 





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