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Fleurings mini vase jewelry pieces are made to hold water and fresh flowers, so flowers can last for hours! You can also wear artificial silk or paper flowers, like the ones that will come with your jewelry when you buy through our website. All of our flower holding vase shaped designs hold just enough water to get more wear time our of your blooms before they dry up. These piece make an ideal unique gift for women of all ages. Simply cut flowers and put them into these earrings, necklaces and lapels pins to create an exquisite accessory. If you add a few drops of water first flowers will last longer. Some orchid flowers can even last up to two or three days in Fleurings. 

Our flower earrings, necklaces and boutineer pins are now made from high quality stainless steel. 
With Fleurings you can style with flowers including many orchid varieties, daisies, mums and mini or spray-roses just to name a few. Every flower offers a whole new look.
 Pinning flowers is your hair is a nice idea but with Fleurings our earrings and necklaces offer a brand new way of wearing flowers. Afterwards the outside of the jewelry is then plated in sterling silver or gold depending on your preference. The Classic designs hold petit flowers and stems, newer designs now hold larger flowers. So there is something for everyone, every outfit, and most importantly every flower.
Fleurings are created and designed by actress, artist Samantha Lockwood. She had the idea for an earring that would hold a flower in 2002. This is an idea that stuck with her for a long time because she loved to wear flowers but just never knew how to go about having her jewelry idea made. So and with very little knowledge about the jewelry business she finally met Jacques Sandjian who helped her cast and mold her very first design around 2006. Samantha loved these earrings so much that she made a pair for her mom, her grandmother, her aunts and her sister. Soon friends wanted the pieces and then boutiques began to request Fleurings. So, to make Fleurings something everyone could wear she began to manufacture these pieces herself. The full Fleurings line now produces necklaces, lapel pins and several new designs in the works. 
Story goes that in her late teens Samantha got a job waiting tables to help pay for her acting classes. One day Samantha's  Grandmother Betty simply said "if you want make better tips... you should wear a flower in her hair". Little did she know that this was sound advice. Samantha doubted that wearing a flower could realistically help someone garner better tips. Until one fine day she gave it a shot and wore a flower to work. The results not only in compliments but also in tips were impressive. In fact, she had nearly doubled her tips. Then it happened the next day...and the next. Feedback from co-workers, and more importantly customers was all positive and engaging... So, she called her Grandmother excited to share in her glorious flower power success! This news came as no surprise to Betty who wore flowers daily to work when she owned and operated her own bar and grill in Granada Hills. In her opinion flowers were synonymous with hospitality. 
Samantha realized from this point on that there is something truly special about wearing a flower. They are created by nature to attract animals by shape, color, and scent. Flowers are designed to lure us in with positive energy. They are the perfect accessory to brighten your mood and make others feel happy too. 
Fleurings developed because of Samantha's love for wearing flowers. She loved wearing them so much that she wanted them to look fresh and get more 'wear time' from her blooms. To last all day they her flowers had to have a water source. If stems didn't keep wet she found that many blooms would wilt in less than two hours. Not only was wilting an issue but by this time Samantha wanted a new way to wear flowers rather than just pinning them in her hair. She found that if you want to wear her hair down there is no way to wear flowers because they must be pinned into your hair securely. This is time consuming and for girl on the go Samantha wanted a fast, easy and simple way to pop a flower in her jewelry and go!
To keep flowers lasting longer and to offer a trendy new way to wear fresh flowers the Fleurings line was created : from necessity to invention.  Fleurings are the original mini-vase jewelry (earrings, necklaces and lapel pins). These make a unique gift for women of all ages. Fleurings make ideal unique Bridal gifts and perfect unique Bridesmaid gifts. Also great for Prom Gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, Unique Birthday Gifts and must have Tropical Vacation accessories... just to name a few. 
New, fast and easy way to wear fresh flowers with lasting results. The meaning behind the name Fleurings comes from the word French word for "Flower" Fleur + Earrings = Fleurings... Since the line first started with earrings
The Classic Design is shown in the photos. Aptly named because it was the very first piece in the line. The Classic collection includes earrings and necklaces ( pendants with adjustable chains that are at 18-20-22-24 inches.) The Classic Collection pieces are ideal for dendrobium orchids and any small orchid varieties ( small vandas, or mini phalanopsis), mini roses, daisies and many more. 

They offer a more dainty look than the Stiletto Necklaces - compare the more dainty appearance of the Classic to the bold look of the Stiletto Necklace. For a layered look you can wear both necklaces. Since both chains are adjustable you can play with the lengths of each.

Stiletto styles are bigger for wearing larger flowers. You can wear more varieties or orchids like many Cattleya, Vanda, Cymbidium and Phalanopsis orchids, all are commonly found in most grocery stores, florists, flower shops and nurseries. In many tropical locations you will see them growing outside. In addition you can wear Plumeria also known as the Frangipani and larger roses. Ideally these pieces are great for forming little mini-bouquets with floral tape that is easily found online or at your local hardware store, nursery or florists. With a little bit of this green tape you can secure mini-bunches of flowers together for your necklace. In any case, all piece come with lovely silk or foam flowers, ready to wear.