Fleurings jewelry designer, Samantha Lockwood, finds creative inspiration from acting, painting and yoga

 Samantha Lockwood wearing Fleurings

Unique and elegant Fleurings came to be when Samantha Lockwood had the idea to design jewelry with a tiny reservoir that can hold water for small flowers. She was inspired by her grandmother Betty who suggested that wearing flowers in your hair brings good luck and nature's positive energy everywhere you go.

"I love wearing flowers," Samantha explains. "Flowers offer happiness, beauty, color, fragrance and a sense of calm."

But that isn't the only family influence inspiring Lockwood's creativity. Her dad Gary Lockwood is a movie actor who appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the pilot for Star Trek and two movies with Elvis Presley, while her mom Denise DuBarry Hay is an actress, entrepreneur and yogini. Following in her parent's footsteps, Samantha Lockwood applies her talents in multiple areas.

As a kid, Samantha says she caught the acting bug: "I grew up watching movies. I think that's the main reason why I wanted to be an actor is because I love films."

Samantha Lockwood
Samantha has had guest roles on CSI: NY and recently on Hawaii Five-0. She has appeared in several indie films including Lords of Dogtown and Mexican Gold. In 2010 she played the female lead 'Kate' in the Showtime action comedy Shoot the Hero!

Lockwood says she got great acting advice from her dad: "It doesn't matter how old you are," Lockwood told her. "Nobody can tell you that you're too old to make it. If one day you're 40 or you're 50 and you get the best part of your life... just hang in there and be an actor for the sake of being an actor."

To keep in shape, Samantha learned about Bikram yoga as a child through her mother, Denise, who ran her own studio in Malibu after a successful acting career. Samantha became the youngest certified teacher for Bikram at 17 and has competed twice in their international competition. This year, she decided to open her own Bikram yoga studio in Kauai.

BIkram Yoga Kauai
Squeezed in-between her acting, yoga and jewelry business, Samantha also finds time to paint. Her paintings are frequently on display in fine art galleries. Currently her paintings are on exhibit at Silver Screen Artists Gallery in Miami.

All these activities help contribute to Samantha's creativity as a jewelry designer. Her vase necklaces are offered in a variety of sizes that enable flowers to stay fresh while you wear them. Fleurings jewelry, which also includes earrings and hairpieces, come in different finishes including gold, silver, black, pink gold and stainless steel. - T.Y.


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