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We are very proud that Fleurings were just featured on the Eco-Salon Website in The Ultimate List of Sustainable Jewelry Designers


"I remember when I first learned of the line, I thought it was ingenius; to be able to wear a flower as part of jewelry was a novel idea.  Uniquely, Fleurings offers a variety of looks....with earrings, necklace and lapel pins... both men and women can enjoy... " - AGENDA Magazine by Kaylene Peoples (October 2011)
"Actress (Samantha Lockwood) has also found fame with her floral-inspired jewelry" - Honolulu Star Newspaper Cover Story (August 2011) 
"Eco-fabulous.. Earth-friendly find.. Fleurings" - GENLUX Magazine (Fall 2010 Issue)
"Ideal Valentine's Day Gift idea, flowers and jewelry" - US Weekly Magazine (January 2010)


"I never heard the word LOVE so many times for a featured product on our site." - Julia from The Daily Grommet 
"There’s something special about wearing fresh flowers, whether you’re dressed casually for a day trip or headed out for the evening. With Fleurings, you can.. look elegant, vibrant and as varied as the flowers in bloom. You’ll smell great, too!" - Ann from The Daily Grommet
"I love to wear Fleurings with all kinds of flowers that grow here in Hawaii, especially purple orchids. We sell Fleurings in my boutique 'Riches' in the Kahala Mall, and they are a very hot item in our store!" - Lo Kaimuloa ( Riches Boutique of Honolulu, Hawaii)
"My favourite thing to do with my fleurings is to gather weedy flowers from gardens that I pass on my way out to meet my friends. I love that I've got a little piece of nature in my ear at all times. People compliment me on them all the time!!!" - Rebecca (Los Angeles, CA)
"I received the Classic Gold Necklace as a wedding gift and wore it almost everyday on my honeymoon in Europe. I love my necklace." - Shannon Morgan (Santa Monica, CA)
"Fleurings are so beautiful. I love wearing mine and have given the necklace to all of my closest friends.... It's the perfect gift!" - Suzanne DuBarry  (Palm Desert, CA)


Respected Hawaii fashion blogger and trendspotter Paula Rath mentions Fleurings after she saw them in the Riches Boutique in Honolulu at the Kahala Mall. See her posts online here ....
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