$100.00 and Under

Real flower necklaces and real flower earrings by Fleurings. All jewelry in this category is under $100.00 USD making them affordable jewelry gifts for Christmas, and Unique Gifts for Her. Fleurings mini-vase jewelry are must haves to wear with real orchids for tropical weddings, destination wedding jewelry and beach vacations. In the winter change your flowers to mistletoe to get in the Spirit of the Holidays. Flowers you must purchase, pick and find separately. Get them from your local flower shop, florist, supermarket (Trader Joe's has an excellent affordable selection of flower ), or our favorite way... growing in the garden or a field. Wear wildflowers is so much fun. Get as creative as you want... you can even incorporate feathers, small succulents, greens and twigs.... especially when you are wearing the larger style Stiletto necklaces. There you will have more room to play around with designs. Use floral tape to wrap your flower stems for a secure fit.