October 17, 2014

Yosemite Has A Lot to Offer

Yosemite is awesome. Yes you may have heard of or possibly even had the pleasure of experiencing it for yourself. But now you can consider Yosemite as a beautiful place not only to visit but also to find some exquisite flowers for your Fleurings jewelry. These blooms are perfect to wear in our small vase necklaces and earrings. 

Lets start with the stunning bright pink Jeffreys Shooting Star also known as the Mountain Shootingstar. You can find this water loving plant in wet meadows or growing along a stream bank. Find this beauty blooming during the summer and growing from the Sierra Nevadas all the way to Alaska. 


Another beauty you can find amongst the Lupine, Bluebells, Iris, Lilies, Daisies and many other wildflowers is this special yellow flower in the Lily family the Pretty Face (Triteleia ixioides) or Golden ( Yellow) Brodiaea. 

Pretty Face is a common flower in Yosemite and nearby mountain areas. You will find it at elevations ranging from  Hite Cove  (1,900 feet) to  Olmsted Point  (8,300 feet). Two similar-looking subspecies of Pretty Face inhabit the Yosemite area:and  ssp. anilina  and  ssp. scabra One way to tell them apart, should that be the sort of thing you enjoy doing, is to compare the anthers (the tips of the stamens, which are the bits sticking out of the center of the flower). On  ssp. scabra  they're white, and on  ssp. anilina  they'll be bluish.  Ssp. scabra  is also more likely to be found at lower elevations, with  ssp. anilina more prevalent at 7,000 feet and above.

ssp. scabra pretty face lily flower ssp. scabra lily pretty face flower growing at yosemite

These flowers grow at the ends of an umbel (think of an upside-down umbrella) that sprouts from a bare stem, and an umbel may have as many as two dozen buds. Though they seldom all bloom at once, you will still usually find multiple flowers blooming together.


September 22, 2014

Layered Look with Fleurings Necklaces

Sometimes one is not enough! Go for a layered look with our long vase necklaces. You can wear different flowers in each piece to create more style and color. This first photo shows the Fleurings medium style necklace worn with an orange and pink Phalaenoposis Orchid. Also known as the Butterfly or Butterfly Face Orchid. The longer necklace is the large style vase worn with a larger white Butterfly Orchid. This piece comes on a long 36" inch chain.

Photo credit Joe Stemmer Photography 


In the photos below Samantha layered two small vase necklaces and one large vase necklace. (Small and medium vase pendants come with 26 inch long adjustable chains.) You can wear one short and one longer to layer your necklaces.

The silver color necklace with a blue flower was worn at 20 inches while the next small polished gold necklace with a small white orchid is worn at 26 inches. 

Photo Credit Gregory Cannon Photography. 

July 30, 2014

Clematis flowers are blossoms for all Brides and Bridesmaids

Clematis blooms make an excellent addition to the flowers you can wear in Fleurings vase necklaces. Elegant as Wedding Jewelry and Bridesmaids Jewelry Gifts. These stunning star like shaped flowers grow in a huge range of colors like white, light pink, light purple, deep pink, red, burgundy, dark purple, light blue and royal blue. They are also seen as a single or double bloom flowers... Simple or ornate flower petal structure. Check out this large black Fleurings vase necklace with a sweet pink and white Clematis flower. The long 36 inch chain was double looped to create a shorter necklace. Make sure to wear these flowers with water in your vase necklaces for maximum "wear time". 

Enjoy the photos below and enjoy these lovely vine Clematis! To buy Clematis vines click here to see a great selection on waysidegardens.com.

Clematis Flower in Fleurings Vase Necklace   


Brides and Bridemaids wear Clematis Fleurings necklaces and then match to flower in Wedding Bouquets. 

An example of a double bloom white clematis flower. 

Clematis flowers in Fleurings make excellent 

Clematis... these grow on vines and are found 



June 30, 2014

Trendy Wedding Colors 2014

There are classic wedding colors, but every year, you are sure to get a couple of colors that stand out as especially trendy for brides and their gowns. This year, there are many colors that can help make your wedding a gorgeous, trendy and fun party that you dream of having. Liven up the atmosphere and shine with these colors in the wedding that everyone will talk about! 

Navy Blue
Navy blue is making a big comeback into the wedding industry, and that is especially true of summer, fall and winter weddings that are letting themselves be inspired by the water. Navy Blue is an especially fun color, because it allows you to pair it up with a bold and beautiful color, like lime or coral, all of which adds that sense of adventure to your dresses. Speaking of which …

Coral is making a play for inspiration all on its own. This beautiful bright color is amazing in spring and summer weddings, allowing you to stay on point with the light pinks that have been trendy for the last couple of years, while adding a little bit of pizzazz to your outfits. Coral is a gorgeous color to style with flowers in Fleurings wearable vase earrings, hairpieces and necklaces. Build your wedding around this color and you will have all of your guests amazed at the romantic look and feel of your wedding, while still knowing that this is a fun atmosphere.

This bold color is a combination of green, blue and awesomeness. Teal is a color that is perfectly paired up with muted colors, like greys and beiges, while still having a little something in it that makes it fun while accessories such as flowers in vase hair pieces can add to the appeal. Can you imagine how beautiful your bridesmaids would look in a flattering teal color with a little bit of shine to their dresses? Take advantage of the trend, and use this color to its full potential.


A pink gold finish as shown below makes a beautiful accent color against a Teal dress, wear pink, white or yellow flowers ideally. 


If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, this deep red color is classy and muted, and perfectly on point if it’s the star of the show surrounded by greys, blacks and whites. It also gives you a lot of opportunity to bring out some beautiful red tints in the various décor that you will have around your wedding. Make your bouquets look incredible with gorgeous, natural flowers that stand out with burgundy. 

Some small phalaenopsis orchids come in Burgundy and will match well with pink or yellow gold necklace. 

 Dendrobium orchids also come in a rich burgundy and dark purple to go well with your Fleurings vase earrings.

A simple white orchid flower always looks nice in contrast to a dark burgundy dress.

Pink and Purple
Ever popular, muted pinks and daring purples make a great palette to consider when thinking about your wedding colors. Add flowers like tulips and roses in Fleurings’ wearable vases to the occasion for that dash of exuberance. They’re classic, and while they’ve been trendy for a couple of years, they still manage to look fresh and fun, adding that zest to your wedding dresses. They can also be adapted into the wedding theme that you are planning easily.



Fashionable brides have so many options at their disposal; from décor to dresses, flowers to accessories, that they are sure to find inspiration from the fashionable colors and manage to make it their own. Wearable vase necklaces, earrings and hair pieces from Fleurings make complementing your wedding with colorful flowers so much easier. No matter the color that you decide on, you’ll be sure that if you choose it, it will be the right color. 


February 17, 2014

New Fleurings Jewelry Location on the Big Island

Next time you are on the Big Island of Hawaii check out the cutest collection of clothing curated by Laurie Edwards. She just opened her lovely boutique only one year ago and she is already the busiest little spot to shop in Waimea. Find really cute lines of clothing that go perfectly with Fleurings like Khush, Tiare Hawaii, and Gypsy 05. Find jumpers dresses and tops and our full collection of vase earrings, necklaces and hairpieces to fit any flowers you might want to wear. 

Here are a few photos with Fleurings and some of the local beauties from the Big Island who modeled pieces from Studio 55 Boutique.  

Studio 55 Boutique 
67-1185 Mamalahoa Highway D-105
Waimea, Hawaii 96743
(808) 885-9833


Local Hawaiian beauty Tania Dupont models Khush clothing and Fleurings jewelry. Pictured here with a large gold vase necklace and hairpieces with fresh pink vanda orchids. Photo by Studio 55 Boutique in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Big Island of Hawaii now carries Fleurings vase jewelry. Photo courtesy of Studio 55 Boutique. Vanda orchids in Fleurings vase necklaces.Actress, and designer of Fleurings Samantha Lockwood wearing one of her small polished gold necklaces with a small fresh vanda orchid. Line sold at Fleurings.com and in boutiques around the Hawaiian Islands. Fleurings vase hairpieces worn with fresh white dendrobium orchids. Ideal hair accessories for Brides, Bridesmaids and Beach Weddings. Actress and designer of Fleurings jewelry modeling her designs with a cute red bikini from Acacia Swimwear.  Photo produced by Studio 55 Boutique in Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Samantha Lockwood modeling her vase jewelry line Fleurings. Image produced by Studio 55 Boutique on the Big Island of Hawaii which carries Fleurings in store. A large gold vase Fleurings necklace that holds water and fresh flowers worn with red vanda orchids. Designed by Samantha Lockwood. Modeled by Alayna McGuiness on the Big Island of Hawaii.

January 05, 2014

Style Tip : Wearings Vase Earrings & Necklaces as a Set

If you are feeling extra "in the mood" for wearing fresh flowers and you want to wear Fleurings vase earrings and a vase necklace at the same time, then one of the best things to do is match flowers in your earrings to the flower in your necklace. See below we used light green dendrobium orchid flowers to accent the dark green color of the top our model is wearing. Shop these polished gold earrings here and the gold necklace here. These pieces are 14 karat gold dipped stainless steel.


October 21, 2013

Bethany Hamilton loves her Fleurings necklace!

Pro-Surfer and rip curl girl Bethany Hamilton has been wearing our Fleurings small vase necklace everywhere! See this beautiful pic of her wearing a little white flower in her necklace. So lovely!

Bethany Hamilton wearing a Fleurings vase necklace with a small white flower l Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton l Rip Curl


October 03, 2013

GENLUX Holiday Issue Gift Guide features Fleurings vase jewelry

The GENLUX Magazine Holiday Issue showcases Fleurings polished steel small vase necklace with a pink orchid. It's already time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and GENLUX has hand picked their favorite recommended gifts for this Holiday gifting season. An affordable jewelry gift at $55.00 dollars this makes a unique and darling gift for any woman. Also available in other finishes including polished gold or black. This pendant comes with an adjustable chain, that can be worn long or short. It's truly the perfect Christmas jewelry gift! 
Genlux Holiday Issue 2013 Gift Guide l Fleurings Vase Jewelry l Pink Orchid Necklace l Vase Necklace l Hawaiian Lei Style Necklace
October 02, 2013

Everything Hauler Features Fleurings Vase Jewelry with Roses

We are so very pleased with this lovely new shoot by Rachael Dickshute blogger and fashion pro who just posted these pics and more on her website Everything Hauler. She is wearing Fleurings vase jewelry with fresh pink roses to add just a pop of color and a soft feminine finish to this edgy black and white suit. Very sophisticated and stylish. 

PInk Rose Necklace makes a nice Floral Accessory to soften this black and white pant suit on Rachael at Everything Hauler l Vase Jewelry by Fleurings   Pink Roses in Vase Earrings by Fleurings l Everything Hauler Rachael Dickshute

          Everything Hauler Rachael Dickshute with Floral Accessory l Pink Roses with Black and White Pantsuit l Garden Party


September 05, 2013

"Flower Fresh" actress Samantha Lockwood's Fleurings Jewelry is the Cover Story of La Quinta Life Magazine

I feel very lucky to have had so much support in my life to bring Fleurings to fruition. People who you know will often support you and the things you do but it's another story when your community at large supports and recognizes you. This was just the case with the La Quinta Life Magazine Cover Story. This article was a huge honor for me. I'm so very grateful that the Fleurings concept of flower holding jewelry has generated that sense of pride from my community. Enough to make it a cover story. 

La Quinta is one of my hometowns. I've spent time there, going to high school, and doing all sorts of fun artistic endeavors : photoshoots for Fleurings, painting, art shows, and also did some acting work there in a movie call "Shoot the Hero!".  I've spent plenty of time just vacationing, going to Coachella, having pool time and playing in the desert as we all do! The desert will always be a relaxing, rejuvenating place for me and a very supportive community in my life. It's one of those places that will always feel like "home" in my heart. 

My mother Denise DuBarry has been a huge inspiration, source and mentor. She has always told me to ask questions from everyone to find what is the right answer for me, and to generally 'stick to it' and 'get things done'! There's a lot more she and many others have helped me with along the way but it's too much to mention! So, in closing I thank my mom for the energy and inspiration she has given me for this jewelry business. I thank editor Kathy Strong and writer Gary Jordan for the amazing job they did with this interview and article. I love it. Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way. This feature was milestone for me and my company inside and outside of my community as well. Thank you!

"Flower Fresh" actress Samantha Lockwood Fleurings Jewelry : La Quinta Life Magazine Cover & Featured Article August 2013
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