August 19, 2011

Orchid holding jewelry make Headlines in Hawaii

Fleurings make it BIG as the cover story for the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Fresh orchids, plumeria and many other kinds of fragrant beautiful flowers grow everywhere in Hawaii. Making Hawaii the perfect place to wear real flower jewelry. The Honolulu Newspaper picked up on this unique line thanks to Lo Kaimuloa from the Riches Boutique. Fleurings mini-vase flower holding necklaces, earrings and lapel pins are perfect for beach and tropical destination weddings!

A full interview with designer of Fleurings, actress Samantha Lockwood on the cover and inside on the second section.


Photos and jewelry pieces featured in Honolulu Star Advertiser Newspaper below! 



June 26, 2011

The Daily Grommet Features Fleurings!

 Oh my what an amazing experience! Fleurings were just featured on a great website called The Daily Grommet. After samples were sent they team at the Daily Grommet fell in love with the jewelry and they went forward to feature Fleurings right away in time for summer accessorizing. The review is lovely and all of the questions on the answer board were very helpful too.

Watch the video review right here .... 

Thank you!
May 06, 2011

Watch Fleurings on Better TV

Samantha Lockwood - Watch a funny movie here
 Check out this interview with Samantha Lockwood and Audra Lowe on Better TV talking about her new movie "Shoot the Hero!" currently playing on Showtime
and talking about her Fleurings jewelry line.